Insights Unwound


Spotify, the worlds largest music streaming service, unravels the data at the core of everything they do at their online event, Insights Unwound.

Set over 4 days, Spotify hosts over 20 speakers together with interactive workshops and wellbeing classes on the topics of design thinking, user experience and lean research methodology to measure impact at scale.


Spotify recognised the need for bold and engaging visual content to be used throughout their live event that represents the energy and vibrancy of their brand's playful DNA.

This included everything from advertising and sales collateral to animation stings and lower thirds.


We don't just bring characters to life, we love injecting energy and playfulness in to global brands too!

We created a range of vibrant designs for Spotify's live event, together with a series of dynamic 2D animations that reflect the soul of the Spotify brand.

Our work with Spotify is a testament to our ability to create engaging and dynamic 2d animated visual content that resonates with audiences and captures the essence of a brand's identity.

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